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Technology for better yields

"Embracing technology to tackle problem weeds"

Having been advised to apply a total herbicide to three fields with a heavy infestation of blackgrass and annual meadow grass, we used a mixture of 1.0 litre/Ha of Blutron® (isoproturon + diflufenican) and 0.6 litre/ha of Pincer® (flufenacet + diflufenican) post-emergence. The results were excellent, the fields are now clean, giving us a viable crop to manage through to harvest.

Arable Grower
North of England

"Competitive prices and developed and made in the UK"

We are proud to be supporting Agform, a British agrochemical manufacturing company giving us post-patent solutions. Knowing the products have been both developed and made in Great Britain gives comfort to our team of agronomists and their growers. Product quality, technical support and speed of delivery has been exceptional.

National Distributor
North of England
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Working for the environment

Agform's groundbreaking research is directed towards the increase in the effectiveness and safety of the active materials we develop and formulate. This will ensure a sustainable future for our industry in meeting the growing needs of the world's population.

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Technology for a golden harvest

Efficient and effective crop protection chemicals developed with advanced science to provide a sustainable crop.